Friday, December 2, 2016

Shop Stevie & a Giveaway!

You guys, I have an obsession with Shop Stevie! So many cute items of clothing in one place! Everything is so extremely soft and modest. As a mom, I don't feel like I'm constantly tugging and pulling to make sure I am not flashing anyone as I am chasing Mav! These are some of my favorites from my cute friend Kenzies online shop! I linked her website above! Right now she is offering 15% off from now until Christmas with Holiday15! Take advantage and stock up on some cute clothing or gifts for friends! They will love you!!

PS I also have a giveaway running on my instagram, @kahanaora! $20 gift card to home goods! Head on over to enter!

Happy Friday!

Thursday, November 10, 2016

Here comes Santa!

Who doesn't love Santa?! This kid doesn't! (hahah) I had a feeling that Mavryk would loose it as soon as I put him in Santas lap. We spent the five minutes before giving santa high fives and bones.. then it came time for the photos! These photos I will cherish forever though! I will be so excited to one day tell Mavryk how one of his firsts visits with Santa went! I love photos for all the memories it allows us to remember and create!

You can also have your photos taken with santa! If you are local to Salt Lake, this is for you!! On Friday November 11th from 5:30pm to 9:30 pm and Saturday November 12th from 9am-6pm, you can come get your professional photos taken with Santa! These will only be $25 dollars plus you leave  that day with a high resolution CD of your photos so you can print as many as you would like! How awesome is that?! This will be located at American Heritage of South Jordan, 11100 S. Redwood Rd. South Jordan, Utah 84095.

I highly recommend going! These photos are so much better than any we have gotten at the mall! You don't feel rushed and its high quality photos! They will also have over 30 different vendors that are selling amazing items for Christmas gifts! There will even be a kids corner so your children can be entertained and supervised! How amazing is that?? Stress free shopping!

Have a fabulous Thursday! xx

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Emma & Kayd

I love finding new children's companies! Emma & Kayd has just opened up this week! I will be the first one to say you NEED to go check it out! With Mavryk still teething (and spilling everything he eats), this bandana bibs are the answer to our problems. Not only are so much cuter than regular bibs, all the patters have me posting all heart eye emojis! They fit extremely well and are unbelievable soft. Mavryk didn't pull on it at all! Its now one of our favorite accessories for such a busy little boy.

For their opening, they are carrying bandana bibs, the cutest teething toys, and swaddling blankets! All items have the cutest prints! You will die! The owners are also the sweetest people you will ever meet. Love truly goes into everything that they do!

Stop on my my Instagram @kahanaora for a giveaway for two bandana bibs of your choice!!

Sunday, November 6, 2016

A Thankful Heart

I am so excited for this link up that Aleigh from For the Joy of Life has started! I love the month of November. As I look around stores and even watching TV, it seems that we as a society have forgotten what this season is all about. Now, I love Christmas! However, I believe that celebrating the season of Thanksgiving is so important and shouldn't be overlooked with all the commercialism of the season. This is something that I want to teach my children. We need to celebrate Thanksgiving and really have gratitude in life for everything we have been given! Here are just a few things that I am grateful for this Sunday morning.

1. My husband and our Eternal Marriage

I love my husband! He is my rock and keeps me sane. He is my best friend and will listen to me any time that I need it. He is my comforter when I am upset or sad. He lifts me up and is my biggest support system. He is an amazing father. He is so thoughtful. He puts my needs before his own! For all of this and many more amazing qualities, I am grateful that he is in my life.

Our marriage in the Salt Lake LDS temple is very special to me. For those of you who are not LDS, I invite you to go to and learn more! For me, my religion defines who I am. It drives my decisions. It gives me comfort and hope in a world where that can be challenging to have. It gives me peace and helps me to love deeper than I ever have. When we are married in the temple, we believe that it is for eternity. We will never be separated, even at our deaths. Our marriage is forever. I am grateful for the opportunity to be sealed to my family for eternity. No greater blessing than this!

2. My son Mav!

He is the absolute light of our lives! We can't imagine not having him in our family. He has taught us about love, patience, kindness, and that even if we mess up, it is okay! We are not the most perfect parents, however we try our hardest to teach him the most important lessons. I have so many dreams for him. I always want him to be kind to others. I want him to be responsible. I want him to be respectful of others always! I want him to be loving and accepting of differences and to not be judgmental. I want him to be a strong priesthood holder for our church. I want him to be an amazing missionary, husband, father, grandfather, and so much more! So many dreams for his life and I am grateful that I was trusted to raise such an strong little boy!

3. Birthdays!

This might seem silly, however I love birthdays!! I love being able to celebrate others. We celebrate not only their age, but their year of growing and accomplishments. As I was growing up, my mom threw a birthday party for my siblings and I every single year. I have had surprise parties, luau's, craft parties, and I am grateful for all of them! They each created a special memory in my heart. Its a special celebration every year. I hope to make them a wonderful memory in both my son and husbands lives!

If you haven't joined the link up, Head on over to For the Joy of Life and linkup your Thankful post each sunday this month! Thanks for stopping by!


Friday, November 4, 2016

Quality time with JORD Wood Watches

As we have gotten older, and now that we have Mavryk, time just seems to fly by. Sometimes it is so hard to keep track. Does anyone else feel this way?! I often find myself loosing track of time. We get so busy that it can be hard! When JORD watches reached out to me, I knew we were the perfect fit! I love the unique style of their watches. They also are about creating memories! To JORD, moments should be more than minutes and our watches should tell more than time. They are apart of all the memories that we create!

Many of the memories that I will hold on to dearly involves the relationship between Mavryk and Zack! They have a special bond between each other. Every time when Zack gets home from work, Mav stands and waits by the door just smiling ear to ear! He runs right up to him and starts to bring him all of his toys! He always takes books to Zack to read to him. Never to me! I will always be in awe of how even at only 18 months old, mav already mimics his daddy and wants to be like him. From trying on his shoes, mimicking noises, watching sports, wanting all his food, and so much more. JORD is apart of all these memories that they are creating! Such a special time that I never want to forget.

I am so excited to also partner with them for a giveaway! The winner will receive a $75 dollar shop credit. Everyone that enters also receives $20 dollars to JORD Watches! How amazing is that?! To enter, please click the following link to enter in your information: <GIVEAWAY> The giveaway will close on November 27th at 11:59 pm! Both codes for the $75 and $20 dollar credits expire January 1st, 2017.

Thank you for stopping by! Have a wonderful weekend!


This post was sponsored by JORD Wood Watches. All thoughts an opinions are my own.

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

First Hair Cut

It was time. Mav needed a hair cut! (trim haha) We love how long his hair has gotten. However it was just hanging in his eyes and he had a good mullet going! We went to my sister in law Ashlyn who had been just waiting to get her hands on his hair! He was so calm! He just sat on the chair not really knowing what to think. Towards the end he had a slight melt down because he was so tired. But overall, we survived the first hair cut! With his hair, there are many more to come! I can't believe how old he is getting. I am just trying to enjoy each stage! I know I can't stop him getting older. I just want to cherish all these memories! He sure makes everything more fun!


Monday, October 31, 2016

Hey Baby, I'm 18 months!

Mavs outfit: Zara Kids, Shoes: Converse

I can't believe it. He is 18 months old!!!! (all photos post first hair cut! sharing that wednesday!!) I blinked and suddenly he was all grown up. I remember just yesterday he was born. Now he runs so fast and it can be hard to keep up with him! He rarely will sit still for photos now, so most of them are in action. He has started to say different words (most of it gibberish) but so much fun to hear! He has said love you, no, mama, dada, "gampa" (grandpa), koda (his dog), water, shoe, up, and a few others I can't think of at the moment!

He loves all things cars, balls, and dinosaurs. Total boy over here. He even likes watching football and basketball with dad! He is obsessed with being outside. He would live out there if I let him! He will do anything for a star burst (loves candy!). He sleeps 12 hours a night (heaven!) and naps once a day for three hours. Finally transitioned over to one nap and its great! He has started becoming interested in shows and loves the disney channel. Ill admit, I do to! Such cute shows. My favorite is sofia the first haha! He loves soft rugs and blankets. His blankies are his favorite things and he can't go anywhere without at least one of them.

He dislikes having his hands dirty, being in his carseat, coming inside from playing outside, being overly tired, and being restricted in any way.

This stage has been so much fun! Challenging but so worth it. He teaches us so much every day!

Have a wonderful Halloween! xx
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