Monday, February 13, 2017

Staying Connected: Mommy Style Monday

Marriage can be hard! Its not always easy. However, I love being married to Zack! Though there are times where we are frustrated or have misunderstood, I feel that we are always able to refocus and work through things together. We have always made sure we were a team in any big decision that we have made and always make it a point to make the other person feel valued and appreciated.

Since having Mavryk, we have been on limited dates out by ourselves! Everyone tells us we need to go on more with just us. Even when we can't find a babysitter we still make time for each other. Here are some things we do to keep the romance alive!

1. Stay at home dates

When we can't find a babysitter (we trust very little people besides family haha), we plan a stay at home date. This usually consists of picking up dinner, (our last one being Olive Garden Take Out) getting movie theater popcorn, candy from the dollar store, and renting a red box movie or renting one through our cable! We wait until we have put Mavryk to bed, then we eat and put the movie in! Its nice to just relax together at home and be able to focus on each other.

2. Love Notes

Ever since Zack and I were dating, he started to write me little notes and leave them places. This could be on my car windshield, the mirror, my pillow, etc. He would even at times leave flowers or other presents on my car in the mornings so I would see it when I went to work! We will do those types of things now around the house! We will leave little notes of gratitude or love for each other. These are a great way to keep a spark alive and are always really sweet.

3. Putting our Phone Away

There has been a few times on dates or just at home when we are together that we just put our phones away. This allows us to be focused on each other, rather than social media or other things that would be on our phone. You find that you really spend time together that way instead of distracted!

Being present in a marriage is so important. Always being able to try and recognize the needs of your spouse and the things that they do for you is important. We all have needs and being able to meet them will determine the quality of your marriage. Like I said, it isn't always easy. However, you can do small and simple things to improve your communication and time spent with each other!

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  1. I think it's so sweet about the love notes!

    1. Your so nice! Its one of my favorite things :) xx

  2. I love all three of these! I definitely want to be better at stay at home dates. Getting takeout or movie theater popcorn is a good idea!

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