Thursday, June 5, 2014

Summer Swim Cravings


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Happy Thursday!! It really is a happy day, its the last day of school! This has me thinking about all the fun summer plans we have! One of our biggest excitements is our trip to Hawaii with my family! With thinking about that trip, I am in a swim suit craze. In high school I never liked one pieces. However, now I love them! I feel that they are classy and cover up just the right amount. They have such amazing prints and shapes! I have chosen some of my favorites up above including my favorite two piece. I currently own two of them and am obsessed. My husband got me the peplum Zinke Starboard one piece for my birthday and am so excited every time I put it on! What are you favorite swim suits this summer? 

Have a great day! I know I will celebrating my start of summer :)

Xo, Kahana


  1. Very cute! Love number 6!

  2. Aren't you so pumped for Hawaii!? I'm so excited, it will be fun to be there with you! When do you guys leave? We leave the 3rd of July I think and get back the 1st of August or around there. Ahh I am getting so excited just thinking about it!

    I'm soo unbelievably jealous you have that Zinke swimsuit by the way. I am obsessed with it, I also have the scalloped suit so I would laugh so hard if that was the other one you had! haha we can be twinners! :)

  3. Such cute suits! I want them all :) Have fun in Hawaii, we just got back and I totally want to be back there!

    <3 Vicki
    Wilde in the City

  4. I am LOVING #6. I wish it was on sale :(

  5. I really wanted to buy a couple new bathing suits this summer but never did! This post just reminded me that I still can :)


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