Monday, January 23, 2017

A New Year of Purpose

One of my new years resolutions this year is to be more present and live every day with purpose. Life is to short not to! As a working mom, time catches up to me. I feel like I have never have enough of it. It can be hard to stay organized and really focus on everything that I would like to accomplish. I feel out of balance when I am not organized! Something that I absolutely love to help me with this goal that I found is Purposeful Planners by Corie Clark!  

Having a purpose in every day allows me to be happier. I feel like non of the time I am given is wasted. That is the worst feeling to have time just pass you by and feel like nothing has come of it. I love that this planner allows me to identify my most important roles in life. I am able to really brainstorm dreams and goals that I want to accomplish. I am able to organize my favorite meals to make for the month and create a grocery list. (This will help with another goal to save money grocery shopping!!) Each day I am able to keep track of things I am doing for my health, water intake, schedule, and brain dumps! Every day for my "brain dump" I have decided to write down three things I am thankful for that individual day. Not only do I want to have purpose, I want to recognize the little things I am grateful for. I have found myself really transitioning my thinking as I go into each day. I am striving not to make comparisons between myself and others. I really want to recognize the good in my life and let that be my focus! 

Check out these Purposeful Planners here! You will absolutely love it and not be disappointed!! 

Have a wonderful Monday!



  1. I love planners that are more than just empty squares. I will have to check this out tonight.

  2. Such a great resolution! Love that planner!


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