Monday, October 31, 2016

Hey Baby, I'm 18 months!

Mavs outfit: Zara Kids, Shoes: Converse

I can't believe it. He is 18 months old!!!! (all photos post first hair cut! sharing that wednesday!!) I blinked and suddenly he was all grown up. I remember just yesterday he was born. Now he runs so fast and it can be hard to keep up with him! He rarely will sit still for photos now, so most of them are in action. He has started to say different words (most of it gibberish) but so much fun to hear! He has said love you, no, mama, dada, "gampa" (grandpa), koda (his dog), water, shoe, up, and a few others I can't think of at the moment!

He loves all things cars, balls, and dinosaurs. Total boy over here. He even likes watching football and basketball with dad! He is obsessed with being outside. He would live out there if I let him! He will do anything for a star burst (loves candy!). He sleeps 12 hours a night (heaven!) and naps once a day for three hours. Finally transitioned over to one nap and its great! He has started becoming interested in shows and loves the disney channel. Ill admit, I do to! Such cute shows. My favorite is sofia the first haha! He loves soft rugs and blankets. His blankies are his favorite things and he can't go anywhere without at least one of them.

He dislikes having his hands dirty, being in his carseat, coming inside from playing outside, being overly tired, and being restricted in any way.

This stage has been so much fun! Challenging but so worth it. He teaches us so much every day!

Have a wonderful Halloween! xx

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