Monday, April 11, 2016

A late Easter post!

Man.. someday maybe I will get Mavryk to smile for pictures? At least he was happy with his easter basket! Don't mind the couch. The dog has pretty much destroyed it! I can't wait to redecorate our living room. Its in desperate need of it! Don't worry, I will do a before and after post because it deserves that!! Does anyone else's dogs chew everything?! Im just glad the couches were free.. but we have gone through three sets of curtains! Any tricks for this?

Any ways, I love Easter! I was glad my grandma put together an easter egg hunt in her back yard. This was the home I grew up in and after my parents moved my grandparents bought it. So many memories! Now I get to share them with Mav and Zack! I love the chance we get to reflect on the savior and the atonement. It helps you reconnect with what really matters and what is important in life. I love that my little family can be together forever. What peace that brings to me!!

Hope you all have a great week!! xo

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