Tuesday, April 12, 2016


Mavs Outfit: Rags 

I want him to lay on his back or smile and he wants to start rolling.. For the humor I tried to order some of these from beginning of trying to take pictures to the end haha By the end he is like really mom? Why in the world are we doing this? You will notice that I had to bribe him by either holding the tag or by holding the lens cap -haha- I am also excited with how these turned out! My husband Zack bought me a Nikon camera a year ago last Christmas and I am just now learning how to manually use it! About time right? Any ways, I found some great tips on pinterest on how to adjust the lighting and so on! I still have SO much to learn but its been fun having Mavryk be a prop! Even if he doesn't think its that entertaining.

I am also a little late on the boat, but has anyone hear of Rags to Raches? I went to a Freshly Picked / Rags to Raches warehouse sale a few weeks ago and finally got Mavryk his much needed rompers from Rags! Man, we love them! I don't know what took me so long to get them! Sizing does run really small- especially because mavryk was only in the 4th percentile last doctors apt- and both of these are bigger sizes! Mav is almost one and in 9-12 month clothes. The mint romper is 12-18 and the gray duh romper is 18-24! There is some room for growth but size up mamas!! Not sponsored just had to share our new favorite thing!

Have a fabulous day! xo

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