Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Christmas wrapping!

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Is it weird that I love to wrap presents?! Im not very good, however I love all the different types of wrapping paper, mixing and matching, the bows, ribbon, everything! It makes me smile! Nothing better than putting that special gift you bought someone and making it beautiful! This year I wanted to try something a little different. I decided to stencil my own wrapping paper and personalize it a little bit more. You guys, you wouldn't believe how cheap it was to do! Here was all my materials:

1. Brown wrapping paper and gift bags: Dollar Tree
2. Paint: I used a window paint marker from the dollar store! It worked like a charm. That way I didn't even need to buy a paint sponge!
3. String: Target.
4. Tags: Target
5. Brush Bottle trees: Target (only $3 dollars!!!!)
6. Print outs of shapes I wanted: Google - so easy!
7. Printed wrapping paper: TJ Max (I mean who can pass up plaid?!)
8. Tape: Dollar Tree

I think everything was under $20 by the time I was done. So worth it!

Here is how you do it:
First you need to find the shape you want to stencil and print it. I decided to do triangles and a simple christmas tree shape! I ended up not liking how big the triangles were, so I cut the triangle smaller than what originally printed.

Second, go to your local dollar tree store! I'm serious when I say they have amazing selections! Its so worth it to buy the brown packaging paper and brown paper bags. SOOO much cheaper than anywhere else. I also picked up my tape and paint there. As I said above, I used a window paint marker! I wasn't sure if it would work, but it was amazing! It already had the sponge so you didnt need to waste money on a painting sponge.

Third: Grab whatever else you want to add after you stencil and wrap your gift! I love the selection of tags and string at Target. Need I say more? Its literally the best place on this planet! I also picked up some items in their dollar section. Such good bargains!

Last: You stencil! I pre wrapped my gifts before I started painting. I also only stenciled the tops of each gift. I then used the string to tie on the bottle brush trees and cute tags!

I am so excited for Christmas morning to see the excitement on my husband and son's faces! I hope you have an amazing holiday season!


  1. I love your wrapping paper! I didn't know you could get it at the dollar store! Genius. I'm totally doing this next year! xo

  2. This is genius!! I seriously need to do this next year! Such a creative way to wrap your presents!

    1. It was so much more fun! I was also able to personalize it more ❤

  3. Such cute wrapping paper! You did an amazing job at making it look perfect!

    1. You are so sweet! I had a lot of fun doing it! xx

  4. Okay what is happening?? This is such a genius idea!! I'm mad I didn't think of it myself! 😘😘😘

  5. This is a cute idea! I love how it turned out.



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