Saturday, October 18, 2014

Exciting news!

Hello everyone! I am so sorry for my long absence.. this summer I was traveling pretty much every week! I decided to take a break and not let my blog cause me any stress. (cause it was!) I won't be posting every day right now but I do want to document and share some exciting news that my husband and I have...
 We are pregnant!!! 

(5 weeks)

(9 weeks)

(12 weeks!)

We can't wait for this little one to come to us April 2015. I am 14 1/2  as of now and am so anxious to already find out the gender! Shopping is so much more fun when you know.. however that hasn't stopped me yet! We will find out in a little over a week what this little one is and I can't believe we are almost to that point!

Ill be documenting as we go a long as well as sharing some maternity looks once I start with those!!
Now that I have started into my second trimester, my nausea has gone way down, I have a little more energy, and I am starting to get back into exercise! I was to sick to do things during the first trimester. Between this and work it wears me out but I couldn't be happier!

Pregnancy update!

Baby Size: Apple
How far along: 14 1/2 weeks
Total weight gain: 1 lbs as of last doctors apt! (we will find out in another week how much more...)
Maternity Clothes: Not yet but my pants I can't zip up or button! It is so uncomfortable! I have used pants expanders or have worn leggings
Sleep: I have the weirdest dreams all night long! I sleep well some nights but toss and turn, switching off on sides, or I have to go to the bathroom.. :/
Miss Anything: not feeling nauseas to smells.. and being able to eat breadsticks! Garlic is a huge no right now
Movement: None yet!
Food Cravings: Sour skittles (sour candy ha-ha) or costco rolls & burritos!
Anything making you queasy: anything seasoned, garlic, chicken (depending on how its cooked), mints
Have you started to show: Umm.. I think a tiny bit but not that anyone can notice yet! can't wait to be out of that stage
Gender: I think its a BOY but Zack and (everyone else) things its a girl!
Labor signs: nope!
Belly button in or out: in
Looking forward to: I can't wait to see the little one at our 16 week apt and find out the gender!!!

Xo, Kahana


  1. Yay I love that you're doing one of these! I secretly love reading them on other blogs I follow. So funny and random you're having issues with garlic. Wow and you'll seriously find out the gender in 1 week and a half? That's insane! It's going so fast.

    PS I've been meaning to tell you that I've been feeling so bad ever since that conversation we had in Hawaii about having kids. I think I sounded like I didn't want kids but I totally of course want kids! I just meant that at my age I totally am not ready (and that's probably a good thing. haha) But I hope you weren't thinking I meant having kids in general was crazy, of course I didn't mean that at all. I love kids, and babies, and ah they just make everything so much more fun. I for sure want to go to your baby shower when you have one ps. So many cute baby clothes to look forward to :)

    Anyways, figured this post was better than any to remember to tell you that. haha I've been meaning to ever since we had that conversation!

    1. Haha I love you Haylee! I didn't think that at all!! I totally knew what you ment :) Your definitely invited to the shower whenever it happens!! Once I find out the gender I have some questions to ask you so ill text you! Xo

  2. Ahhh, congrats! We can be pregnancy buddies! At least for a little while haha. Definitely post when you find out the gender!


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