Thursday, May 2, 2013

I don't know about you, but I'm feelin 22

Yayyyyyy for birthdays!! 
I'm finally 22. Its crazy how time flies! Graduation & a birthday is a great way to spend a weekend! Lets just say my husband spoiled me rotten for my birthday!! On Sunday, we went to church and did our weekly nursery duty :) We have the cutest kids in our class! This time though Zack had to go and teach Elders Quorum so I was left to take care of 6 little children! (all under the age of 3!!!) Yeah... lets just say I didn't sit down once. I was constantly moving, those kids are so hyper!  I don't think I would ever want 6 kids under the age of 3 at once. After church we decided to watch some modern family and then we went to my in laws house for dinner! They had such a yummy birthday dinner for me. They make the best ribs! Mmmm... and then they made Texas chocolate cupcakes. I'm obsessed with the cake they make so they decided to indulge my love of cupcakes and make those instead. For my birthday present they gave me a new fishing pole! (it has pink on it... Love it!)

 On Monday morning, (my birthday), my amazing husband made me breakfast in bed! Pan cakes and eggs... :) Then excitedly he brought me the presents that he had bought for me! He had already given me one as a graduation gift so I could wear it! I was so excited to open them. (Best husband award!!!) He got me some of my favorite things on my wish list! After I opened the gifts and freaked out because I was so excited, we got ready and he took me to the tulip festival!!!!!!!! I love tulips and it was such a relaxing day to just walk around and enjoy the sun and beautiful gardens at Thanksgiving point.

Later on we went to Zack's basketball game (that is another story in itself)... But after the game, we went home for Zack to get ready and then went out for my birthday dinner! I had been craving Olive Garden because of the break sticks. Sooooo good. If you go to eat there try the mixed grill. It was super yummy.

Over all it was one of the best birthday's that I have ever had! Thanks to my amazing husband and family. Here is to another year! (thanks Jenny for the blog post title idea!! love you!)

Tulip Festival 

My birthday dinner outfit. (thanks mom for the amazing pants!!)  Via. T.J. Max

One of my favorite new shirts! shirt: Old navy, Jeans: Hudson via Nordstroms Rack, Bag:  via Tj max, Booties: Wesleyy  by Steve Madden

Hope you all have a wonderful week!

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