Thursday, February 11, 2016

My Forever Valentine

In the honor of Valentines day,  I wanted to share a little bit of what I love about man who my forever valentine! This is Zack! We were married a little over 3 years ago! Here are some things that I love about him :)
1. He is patient
2. His passion that he has for things that he loves!
3. How hard he works for our family.
4. The amazing dad he is to Mavryk! Mavryk really is obsessed with him. He always gets so excited when Zack comes home each night.
5. How organized he is!
6. I don't tell him enough but I love how he always has to have our bed made correctly (its hilarious but always makes it that much better getting into a bed that is freshly made!)
7. He can remember every detail about stories! (such an amazing story teller!) I always made him tell the story about how we met to people because he told it a lot better.
8. He gives the best gifts! They are always thoughtful and I never know its coming.
9. He is always willing to help me with whatever I need
10. His smile
11. He is always willing to listen to me when I have problems and help me figure out solutions
12. He always makes me laugh!
13. He always lifts me up and is an amazing priesthood holder!
14. He is a great communicator 
15. He set high goals and works hard to achieve them!
16. Family always comes first for him
17. He is always okay with staying home on the weekends and just playing with mav and watching Netflix
18. His ability to bounce back from really hard situations is amazing. He inspires me. He has lost both his biological mom and step mom. He has been able to be so strong after loosing his job this past summer. I continue to rely on his strength.
19. He is the best cook!! Heads and shoulders above me! (especially meats!)
20. He gives the best back tickles and never complains when I ask for one.

I am very lucky!
Happy Valentines day!



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