Friday, February 26, 2016

10 Months

Oh my gosh.. where did the time even go? I can't believe this little guy is already ten months old! Can time stop for a second? Really you blink and time just speeds on by. Mavryk is the busiest little guy. As soon as he wakes up in the morning he is ready to non stop go! He loves his toys especially the ones that make music! He is obsessed and has the cutest little dance moves. He has one tooth! I was worried he would never get them but the doctor assured me he was completely perfect! ha-ha First time mama problems! I worry about everything (more than I probably should). He loves his puppy Koda! She loves to be annoying and just lick him all the time. Mavryk just laughs and laughs. He thinks she is the funniest thing. He likes eating table food but LOVES his bottle. He has become like the best sleeper. He was never terrible but would wake up about 2 times a night wanting to nurse. Now that we aren't nursing anymore, he seems to sleep a lot better at night! Sometimes I check his baby monitor to make sure he is still breathing because I wasn't quite used to not waking up!! I love this stage with him! He doesn't slow down and loves to explore everything. He has the cutest giggles and smile! He gives kisses & high fives! I die every time.

When Koda licks his mouth

Staying up past bedtime
Getting dressed
Being in his carseat
Being sick
Not getting his bottle fast enough (Oh the struggle ha-ha)

All in all he is such an amazing little baby! He is turning into quite the little toddler! Already been planning all his first birthday events! 

Have an amazing Friday!

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