Friday, January 3, 2014

Friday deals with GroopDealz!

This post today is way later than usual!!! I have had a crazy day... It all started after I took my husband to work. We are heading up to Midway for our Anniversary tonight to stay in an amazing resort!! I have had to get a lot ready but one of those items of business was laundry... and our washer isn't hooked up yet! It has been leaking and we haven't had time to sort it out. So.. laundry mat it was. I haven't been to one of these well.. ever! I put my wash in then had to quickly run to the bank while my wash finished (our dryer works fine!) At the bank, a nice man informed me that I had a flat tire! AHHH .. this has happened one other time in the past two months. May I also mentioned I locked my keys in my car yesterday? haha Not to much luck with my car this week! This event has set me back some and now I am finally posting!

On Another note, don't you love GroopDealz?! I have found some amazing deals as of late and would like to share my favorite picks for today!!

Who doesn't love camo right now?! I never thought I would be that into it but I love it! It is easily worn and incorporated into any look. Its such a basic neutral! Find this amazing military styled jacket here for only $19.99! (Can't beat that!)

Oh leggings.. how I love you! And how perfect are these for winter? A solid color legging is perfect for any look and really easy to wear. I have a few pairs and you really can't ever have enough! Find these leggings here for  $6.99!

After that lovely rant about solid colored leggings, how about fun patterns?! I have talked to people who feel they are hard to pull off.. but look at these simple, neutral patterns! If you are nervous to go bold and are not quite sure if you can pull them off, look for some like these! Find this deal here for $6.99!

Last but not least these necklaces! I love the simple pendant look that adds a little edge with the square shapes! These are only $3.99!! You really can't beat that price. Find the Abigail necklace here!

Check out GroopDealz today for some fabulous deals!! I promise you will always find at least one item you fall in love with :) 

Have a fabulous weekend!!


This is a sponsored post. All thoughts and opinions are my own. 

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