Thursday, January 9, 2014

European Wax Center

I cannot tell you how obsessed I am with European Wax! I look forward to going every single month! If you have been looking for an amazing professional wax, look no further. They have so many different waxing options and as a first time customer, you get a free complimentary wax. How awesome is that?? For women you can choose a free brow, underarm, or bikini line wax. For men you can choose ear, nose, or brow wax.

Every time I walk in they are so friendly and inviting. They also give me a reminder call about a day or two before my appointment! I can tell you that in my crazy, busy life that reminder is amazing. My wax specialist Whitney is awesome! I never feel awkward and we always have a great conversation. When I go in I get a full leg wax. The first time going in I was so nervous. I was just anticipating how painful it would be and Whitney quickly calmed me down and it was so easy! Now I will admit, there was some pain involved, but it was no where near the pain I was expecting! The wax they use looks like blue gel that they put on in strips and don't have to use a paper to take it off. It hardens some as it attaches to the hair before they pull it off. Whitney would just tell me to breath in and then as I breathed out she quickly took off the wax and done! This was my 3rd month and I have to tell you I love it. Its such a good feeling not having to shave and worry about hair! I love having smooth legs in the winter and not worrying about my legs feeling itchy or feeling self conscious! Plus my hair has started to grow back thinner and less noticeable. My husband is even impressed!

The one wax I am working myself up to do is the Brazilian! I did it before I got married and am now sad I didn't keep up with it. This coming spring and summer, before we head off on vacations, I will definitely be checking that off my list!   

Here are some of their amazing prices for women! (When you go in ask and see when they might have any deals going on! There are passes that are well worth the price because of the amazing deal they have going on.)

Bikini: $42                         Underarms: $16                Full arm: $34, Half arm: $28
Hands: $10                        Full stomach: $24             Full Back: $52
Shoulders $20                   Stomach strip: $12            Eye brows: $16
Full leg: $60; Upper half: $34, Lower half: $32           Full face: $44

And so many more! 

Check out European Wax Center today and book now! (spring and summer will be here before you know it!) 

Utah locations are in Midvale-Fort Union & Draper. For more locations nation wide head to their website here!

Have a fabulous Thursday! 

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