Sunday, March 31, 2013

An Easter Weekend

I love Easter weekend! It always seems to be so sunny and warm. Definitely could get used to this warm weather! What can I say, I am ready for summer! This weekend is always an amazing time reflecting on our savior and the sacrifice that he made for us to bring us the Atonement. This past week I got to enjoy spring break with nothing to do! Sleeping in every day was needed, especially since its a rare case with student teaching every day during the week! Zack had to work and go to school this week, but on his days off we were able to actually have fun together doing things we enjoyed! We were even able to get all our Bed, Bath, & Beyond gift registry shopping done with the gift cards from our wedding! (That makes shopping fun!) Then yesterday while Zack was at work for the morning, I was able to get some shopping done for both our Easter outfits at J.Crew factory outlet! Everything was 50% off.... I couldn't resist!! Then I was able to pick up some things for Zack to wake up to for Easter morning. Dr. Pepper (24 pack-obsessed) and the first season of the office are both things he enjoys. We have been on a TV series kick lately... our new obsession: Modern Family! Soooo funny. We just laugh the whole time we watch it! 

Saturday afternoon we were able to do something we both love doing together, Mini golf!!! Of course we have to make it a competition every time, so its always intense... We keep score very closely! In the end we tied.. can you believe it? We were shocked! But all in all it was a blast! I think I could mini golf every day if I could. Top it off with dinner at Chili's? Mm yes great day!

Lastly, we were able to go to the farewell of my favorite girl Dani!! She is going to serve in Manchester England. I'm so proud of her and her willingness to go out and serve! She will be the best missionary, not to mention the cutest! Love you!!

Am I ready to get back to school? I'm about half way there. I love teaching and cant wait until I have my own classroom! However, I love being able to sleep in with nothing set to do! Oh well, only two more weeks of student teaching and then I graduate!!! I can't believe it is almost here.. I am in awe. Hard work pays off! Now its on for the job hunt. Wish me luck!! 

Bigelow's & (Future) Harrington's! 

Happy Easter 2013


  1. That pencil skirt has the most gorgeous print!


  2. Thank you Mia! I absolutely loved this skirt the moment I saw it. Love your blog!


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